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The registration will begin at 8H at the “Institut d’art et d’archéologie” -3 rue Michelet- and will be closed at 19H.


Workshop participants which take place in EHESS building in the morning can go there directly at 8H30 :

- W01 Hands-on structured light scanning workshop with discussion

- W08 Exploring network structural properties with the GeoGraphLab GIS solution ;

and in the afternoon :  W02 Digital Documentation of Cultural Heritage Structures and Objects with Terrestrial Close Range and Medium Range Laserscanning


Other Workshop participants will have to come to the “Institut d’art et d’archéologie” before 9H.

People registered for the W10 are asked to be there at 8H45.

The lunch will be taken where the workshops are held.


Workshop final schedule


WORKSHOP W10 : Files

QGIS Course (Scott Madry)


Extra GIS files CAA14.rar



WORKSHOP W12 : Files



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