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Tour 1 : Normandy - Caen-Bayeux-Falaise


  • Saturday 26 April
departure Paris 8H 26/04(bus travel)
Meeting point 12 place du Panthéon, at 7h45
Display of Rome model and  virtual reconstructions, Caen University
Men’s Abbey, Caen
"Vieux-la-romaine", roman city of Aregenua (Viducasses capital)
free evening and night at Caen
  • Sunday 27 April
Falaise Castel « château Guillaume-le-Conquérant
« Tapisserie de Bayeux » 11th century embroidery
return Paris 19H 27/04 (bus)

Cost : 300 euros


NB : The Tour will be organised for a minimum number of 30 registered people

The fees will be paid of in case of cancelation


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